SUND Hub incubator

SUND Hub Incubator attending TechBBQ 2019

SUND Hub incubator is a 12 months program for you who have an idea and/or a startup you want to develop even further. You may want to start a business or realize an innovation project. 

The program is aimed at early stage startups and innovation projects initiated by students and teams who are eager to work actively throughout 12 months on developing the solutions, testing the solutions and building a network.

Even though you might not see yourself as an entrepreneur you can participate. You can also participate if you have an established business because the program will help you take it to the next step. 

We take you through the themes that early stage startups must go through when putting the ideas into action and making them happen. We focus specifically at the health sector and will introduce you to the sector as a market and the regulatory affairs concerning health innovations.  

The program starts twice a year (Summer and Winter) 

The application is closed for Spring 2021. Next deadline is in June 2021.

NOTICE: The program will be merged with Health Innovators. You can take part in all activities from this program combined with the incubator program.  

How to apply?

  • You need a well defined idea or a concept that you want to persue in order to put it into action and maybe commercialize into a startup. It dos not have to be within health. 
  • You must be ready to take part in a 12 months program. 
  • At least one member of your team must be enrolled at the university of Copenhagen at the beginning of the program. 
  • You can participate alone or with a team. 


SUND Hub incubator begins with a bootcamp to kick off the 12 months program that consists of quarterly meetings and workshops on the themes that early stage startups must go through. You get access to office space, social community, experts and business development. 


At the bootcamp you meet the fellow teams. learn about the entrepreneurial journey and formulate your vision for the program. The bootcamp consists of workshops and presentations from inspirational entrepreneurs. 

Quarterly meetings

Each quarter you meet with SUND Hubs business developer for a status meeting for you and the team. We follow up on your development and help with your next step and actual challnges. Before each quarterly meeting you fill out a survey to let us know how you are doing and what you need to go further.


The incubator consists of a series og workshops with the title "How to..."

For example themes like "How to start a startup", "how to manage regulatory affairs", "how to raise money", "how to lead a startup", "How to get to know your costumers" and much more. We give you insights on themes that all early stage startups must go through. Some workshops are  generel considerations for all startups and some focus only on health startups. 

The themes and order of the workshops can change from semester to semester. The exact program is updated before the beginning of the semester.

In all workshops you are active and get feedback on your specific startup. Participation is a mandatory part of the incubator program. 

The workshops are hosted by the innovation hubs at the University of Copenhagen.


SUND Hub incubator finishes with a celebration after the 12 months. You show off you progress, plans for further development and share your experience. 

SUND Hub office space and business development

When participating in one of SUND Hubs programs you have access to SUND Hub. Here you can expand your knowledge on idea development and when you are ready get help to apply for funding, find new team members and expand your network. 

You get access to:  

  • Office space (Flexdesk) at Nørre Allé 41
  • Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities
  • Free coffee, tea and fruit
  • Prototype-lab (Paper, 3D printer, tools etc.)


  • Free advice and coaching from external experts: Lawyer, accountant, designer

You will be part of a community

  • Knowlegde sharing with like minded student startups 
  • Team meetings and network
  • Participation in events
  • Access to the teams' Facebook group

As part of our community you help create a good collaborative environment. You contribute to keeping the hub welcomming and take part in the practical tasks for example emptiyng the dishwasher. You will be part of an environment where teams help each other and can use each others experience. Be ready to share your experience and ask when ever you need help for your next step.