SUND Hub incubator for Health Innovators

SUND Hub Incubator is a program for you who has an idea and/or a startup that you want to develop. The incubator consists of a mandatory program, Health innovators, which lasts approx. 4 months and membership of SUND Hub for a total of 12 months.

The program is targeted at start-ups in the early stages and innovation ideas started by students and teams who are motivated to work actively to develop a new solution for better health: You have an idea to do something better in health - e.g. ideas for new health technologies or services. Whether you work with public health, digital solutions, prevention, biotech, pharma, or something completely different in healthcare, the program is for you. You must be ready to work actively to develop your idea into a solution through the program. You get access to network, sparring, and inspiration for how ideas can be implemented in the healthcare sector.

Although you may not see yourself as an entrepreneur yet, you can still join the program. You can also join if you already have an established business as the program helps you take it to the next step.

 The program starts twice a year (summer and winter).

In the spring semester, the Health Innovators program is hosted in collaboration with Copenhagen Health Innovation, a partnership with DTU Skylab, University of Copenhagen, University College Copenhagen, the Royal Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation and the Capital Region.

How to apply?

  • You need to have an idea or concept that you want to pursue in order to turn it into action.
  • At least one member of your team must be an active student at the University of Copenhagen, DTU, KP, or the School of Architecture.
  • You can participate alone or with a team.


  • Winter: 14 February 23.59 (The course begins in February)
  • Summer: 14 August 23.59 (The course begins in August)

The Health Innovators program

Health Innovators starts with a boot camp to kick-start the mandatory course, which consists of status meetings and workshops about the themes that startups in the health sector must go through. At the boot camp, you meet the other teams, learn about the entrepreneurial journey, and formulate your vision for the program.

Health Innovators consists of a series of workshops and feedback sessions, where we take you through the themes that startups in the early stages must go through when ideas are to be translated into action in the health sector.

We focus specifically on the healthcare sector and will introduce you to the sector as a market and the regulatory issues regarding healthcare innovations. You will get in touch with our many experts from the startup ecosystem, hospitals, clinics, and much more.

During the program, you will also meet with SUND Hub's business developers, where we follow your development and help with your next step and current challenges.

SUND Hub and KU innovation center

When you participate in Health Innovators, you will also be admitted to the SUND Hub for 12 months from the Health Innovators program starts. You can use free office space, become part of our community, participate in startup workshops and networking events, and meet innovative students across the entire University of Copenhagen in our innovation center and innovation hubs. E.g.:

  • Startup workshops for the entire University of Copenhagen on business development, startup formalities and tools, tips for entrepreneurs, and much more.
  • Office space (Flexdesk) at Nørre Allé 41.
  • Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities.
  • Free coffee & tea.
  • Prototype-lab (Paper, 3D printer, tools, etc.).
  • Ongoing business development.
  • Feedback on funding applications.
  • Feedback from our domain experts.
  • Community breakfast with students and entrepreneurs.
  • Networking events.
  • Option to apply for free laboratory facilities in CPHLabs.
  • Access to the teams' Facebook group.

Our programs have been developed with support and collaboration from Copenhagen Health Innovation, EU regional and Social Foundation through Startup in Practice, EIT Health, The Danish Industry Foundation