About SUND Hub

SUND Hub is an innovation environment for students. We help students pursue their ideas or to start startups while building skills in entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • We create the framework for testing and developing new solutions for the healthcare sector.
  • We support cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • We inspire students to develop new and sustainable solutions in both known and unknown territories.
  • We discuss development and implementation of new technology and services based on the user.
  • We help you navigate in legislation, documentation requirements and the complex market structure in the healthcare sector.
  • We provide guidance on funding opportunities

The SUND Hub has existed since 2015 and more than 100 teams and 500 students have participated in our programs.

Students create new solutions for better health and much more

The health sector today faces challenges and changes that place great demands on future solutions. The Faculty of Health and medical Science aims to prepare students to play an active role in the development of future health innovations.

Many of our teams in SUND Hub work on creating effective and sustainable solutions to promote better health in Denmark and internationally. No matter if you want to develop medical devices and services (MedTech), diagnostic solutions or behavioral and life changing services and solutions, SUND Hub is the place for you.

However, ideas that are not health related are also welcome in the SUND Hub.

Programs for students

With our programs, events and a large community we help students who want to develop solutions to real life problem, who have an idea or who want to start a startup. We offer programs for all students - no matter if you are just curious about innovation and entrepreneurship or have a specific idea that you want to develop and realize in practice.

As part of our activities, you gain access to a free office community and become part of a lively environment with other student entrepreneurs.