Mi-Suk Skin Care

Compound repurposing for effective and simple acne care

Acne is a prevalent problem. It’s difficult to navigate generalised skin products. For many, none work & there’s a need for new & user-friendly solutions.

Through research & knowledge from the clinic, we aim to repurpose “Compound X” to develop effective & simple acne products with clear branding.

We desire to make life better through new “old” solutions.

Mi-Suk Skin Care


Nasya Rasmussen, project management, MSc Molecular Biomedicine, UCPH

Sylvia Naiga Tiedemann, research and development, MSc Human Biology, UCPH

Zakariya Rehman, financials, MSc Molecular Biomedicine, UCPH

Mathias Tiedemann, research and development, MD, Department of Dermatology and Allergy, OUH.


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