- Improve drug compliance in patients

One of the biggest problems seen in the medicinal sector is that 25-50% of the general population exhibit low compliance.
The consequence of the low compliance is a massive burden on society both health-wise but also financially.
The solution is an app that can scan a QR code on the prescription from the doctor. The unique app will encode the patients drug regimen and notify the patient when he/she needs to take it.


  • Emil Winther Westi
    BSc in Pharmacy, enrolled in cand. Scient. Pharm, University of Copenhagen

  • Nicoline Ninn Jensen
    BSc in Pharmacy, enrolled in cand. Scient in medicinal chemistry, University of Copenhagen

  • Mads Schøn Kühnel
    MSc in business administration and management science, CBS.



  • SUND Hub incubator 2021
  • Health Innovators 2021