- Comprehensive pharmacogenetic reports 

We will provide comprehensive pharmacogenetic reports by assessing pharmacogenomic biomarkers associated with adverse drug reactions with available, affordable and reliable testing tools.

The reports will provide qualitative details of the individual’s sensitivity to a specific drug and drug-drug interactions.

Adverse drug reactions and adverse drug events are a major public health concern that cause a significant increase on patient morbidity and mortality. As well, causes a direct impact on the GDP expenditure for health care derived from pharmacotherapies.

Currently, a lot of people take medication for various ailments without suspecting of long-term consequences.

Pharmacogenenomics studies the genetic polymorphisms and how they affect the reaction of an individual to specific drugs used in the clinical practice (based on PharmGKB).

Studying and sequencing the genome of polymorphisms of pharmacogenes on every individual can predict, reduce and minimize the effect of adverse drug reactions and improve people’s lives as a form of preventive medicine.

The purpose of this project is to have a significant impact on the population’s lives and to empower patients with their genetic information and keep updated information in real time about the type of pharmacological metabolism of available drugs and ones to be developed in the future. The purpose is to create a comprehensive system of classification that is easily comprehended by both patients and health care professionals. With this system of categorization, implemented medical records would have the opportunity to perform pharmacovigilance in real time as to reporting on the updates of each patient.

The expected impact should be first and foremost, national. It could be a both invested venture by the public and private systems. Our current purpose is to create the solution and once it gains strength, to provide it to both systems for its availability and further implementation.



Our team in formed by the perfect combination of diverse points of view from different health care systems: the American and the European. Conformed by a certified Biologist Consultant and two experts in International Business and Public Health, makes the perfect combination to entrepreneur for a solution that has a tacit impact, constantly overseen.


  • SUND Hub Incubator 2021
  • Health Innovators 2021