Promote socializing for seniors

In Denmark, loneliness is an increasing problem for seniors. We will develop an organization that deals with the social life of seniors (65+). Our project is called "Dinner with seniors" and consists of a group of 4 singles or 2 couples who want to socialize more in their daily life. The group meets once a week for dinner in shifts in their own homes. The host decides the dish of the week and the entertainment. There will be a volunteer attached to each group who will help structure the dinner party and take care of everything practical together with the host. Through our project, we will promote the social life of seniors in the age group 65+. Our project is unique as it takes place in a personal and safe environment in the participants’ own homes.


Jessica Svensson, student nurse, KP

Asiya Mahmoud, student nurse, KP

Sara Hedegaard, student nurse, KP

Julie Engmann, student occupational therapist, KP


Health Innovators 2022