Challenge Track

Challenge Track is a 10 weeks program for you if you are curious on innovation and entrepreneurship and want to take part in solving real life challenges from the health care sector. 

The program is aimed at students and health professionals who wish to learn new methods for idea generation and developing new concrete solutions. 

You will be introduced to a number of actual real life challenges and can chose the case that you are most motivated to work with. We will take you through themes such as forming the right team, identifying the need of new solutions, user involvement, developent of prototypes and pitch training. 

The program takes place ONLINE.

The program is partly in Danish, but you can also participate if you do not speak Danish as at least one case challenge will be international and all support and feedback can be provided in English. 

How to apply

  • You can apply alone or with a team (all individual team members must full out an application) 
  • Students from all areas of study can participate. 
  • English speaking students can participate. The program is partly in Danish and partly in English. International teams will get extra support from SUND Hub to overcome any language barriers. At least one case will be international. 

Deadline 25 th of September 2020 23.59


SUND Hub office space and business development

When participating in one of SUND Hubs programs you have access to SUND Hub. Here you can expand your knowledge on idea development and when you are ready get help to apply for funding, find new team members and expand your network. 

You get access to:  

  • Office space (Flexdesk) at Nørre Allé 41
  • Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities
  • Free coffee, tea and fruit
  • Prototype-lab (Paper, 3D printer, tools etc.)


  • Free advice and coaching from external experts: Lawyer, accountant, designer

You will be part of a community

  • Knowlegde sharing with like minded student startups 
  • Team meetings and network
  • Participation in events
  • Access to the teams' Facebook group

As part of our community you help create a good collaborative environment. You contribute to keeping the hub welcomming and take part in the practical tasks for example emptiyng the dishwasher. You will be part of an environment where teams help each other and can use each others experience. Be ready to share your experience and ask when ever you need help for your next step.