Startup projects & Internships with ECTS

Are you curious on life as an entrepreneur or are you already working on your own startup? You can do an academic internship or academic project with ECTS in your own or someone else's startup. 

You get a unique chance to test your academic knowledge in practice. You step right into the machine room of a startup company and take part in all phases from idea to implementation. As an intern in a startup you will be part of the daily life at SUND Hub and take part in our workshop program for startup interns. 



As part of an academic project/internship in your own startup or in someone else’s startup you participate in our mandatory workshops introducing the steps that a startup typically goes through in the process from idea to business. The themes include problem validation, marked need, business development, ideas, prototyping and much more. 

  • The workshops help you in the process of developing new solutions for the health care sector. 
  • You get a practical understanding of innovative processes.
  • You learn methods and approaches to working with entrepreneurship in practice. 
  • You meet fellow students working on different startup projects. 

The themes and dates for the workshops are updated in August and February for the following semester: 

Individual coaching and academic supervision. 

You also participate in mandatory coaching sessions with SUND Hubs innovation consultant 3-4 times during the project. In these sessions we discuss how to reflect academically on the learnings from the practical development of your startup:  

  • How to put knowledge from the workshops into play with innovation theories and academic reflections. 
  • Which readings, theories and litterature from the entrepreneurial field to include in your exam. 
  • How to handle project management in relation to both your startup development and the exam. 

The coaching from SUND Hub is complimentary to the supervision from your academic supervisor. SUND Hubs sessions will give you extra insights on how to balance the practical development of your startup with innovation theories, business development and entrepreneurial process. 

The academic supervisor has expertise within your area of study and the formal requirements and learning goals for the exam. The academic supervisor is responsible for the examination of you project, and can help you with content related to the academic learning goals from your area of study; for example research questions, methology or specific knowlede for the exam.

How to apply

  • You must be a student in a study program that allows internships or elective projects.
  • Start by reaching out to SUND Hub to discuss you thoughts. We will help explore the posibilities in your program. 
    Your project must be approved by an academic supervisor or your study program before you begin. 
  • Begin your preparations the semester before you wish to do the academic project/internship.


  • August 31st for Autumn projects
  • February 1st for Spring projects

Register for SUND Hubs program with an email describing your project to

You also need to register for the project or courses at the self service for the course registration deadline (See KUnet)



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    SUND Hub office space and business development

    When participating in one of SUND Hubs programs you have access to SUND Hub. Here you can expand your knowledge on idea development and when you are ready get help to apply for funding, find new team members and expand your network. 

    You get access to:  

    • Office space (Flexdesk) at Nørre Allé 41
    • Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities
    • Free coffee, tea and fruit
    • Prototype-lab (Paper, 3D printer, tools etc.)


    • Free advice and coaching from external experts: Lawyer, accountant, designer

    You will be part of a community

    • Knowlegde sharing with like minded student startups 
    • Team meetings and network
    • Participation in events
    • Access to the teams' Facebook group

    As part of our community you help create a good collaborative environment. You contribute to keeping the hub welcomming and take part in the practical tasks for example emptiyng the dishwasher. You will be part of an environment where teams help each other and can use each others experience. Be ready to share your experience and ask when ever you need help for your next step. 

    The program has been developed with support and collaboration from the EU regional and Social Foundation through Startup in Practice and UCPH Innovation Hubs.