Domain Experts

SUND Hub has a panel of domain experts who help student entrepreneurs with support, consulting and advice within their areas of expertise. 



Amazing Hall works with healthcare concept development and with navigating in the journey from idea to realization. We cover projects from strategic branding and marketing to the storytelling needed to make the entrepreneurs stand out strongly to create growth both on a personal and a professional level. Our goal is to be a strategic health care partner for healthcare entrepreneurs.

About Anne-Marie Hall

Anne-Marie Hall started Amazing Hall in 2017 and has 25 years of international marketing experience in the Healthcare industry, primarily Medical Device & Consumer Healthcare (Cook Medical, GSK, Novartis, GN Resound, IZI Medical and more). Anne-Marie has been responsible for European product launches, Distributor Management, KOL-Engagement, Brand and concept development, Visual Identities and internal / external product sales training and is a certified True Storytelling Guide.

Amazing Hall can help with:

  • Concept building
  • Business development
  • Branding and strategic marketing
  • Storytelling

…as well as guidance in everyday small and big challenges.


Anne-Marie Hall, Amazing Hall





AWA works with intellectual property rights and has more than 350 employees in 19 offices in Belgium, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Our customers are innovative companies ranging from local start-ups to global giants.

Our IP professionals are experts in patents, trademarks, design, copyright and domain names - all as passionate about your innovations and brands as you are.

AWA helps with:

  • Mapping of IP
  • News searches
  • IP strategy
  • Writing and archiving application for patents, trademarks, designs


Helene Lunde Robertsen, Associate Patent

Tlf: +45 43 31 33 45


Jytte Prieem Balle

Direkte: +45 43 31 33 31
Mobil: +45 20 86 97 89




Holbæk Hospital

Feedback & collaboration with clinics


Holbæk hospital is leading in the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently occurring diseases and has well-functioning research environments in these areas. They Offer coherent treatment with involvement from patients and relatives.

SUND Hub's collaboration with Holbæk Hospital, via the management secretariat and their newly created innovation council, gives all student teams unique access to the right people and departments with the goal of ensuring that needs and development of ideas take place in collaboration with the relevant health professionals and patients.

For example, it could be:

See all wards here…

The members of the Innovation Council:

  • Peter Hallas, Chief Physician of the Emergency ward
  • Anette Savnik, Chief Physician Radiology
  • Janne Bøgh Andersen, senior medical secretary at the ward of Occupational Medicine
  • Birgitte Bindslev, Quality Consultant Orthopedic Surgery ward 
  • Louise Bergøe, Psychologist Center for Rape Victims
  • Dorthe Wandall, Consultant Management Secretariat
  • Victoria Tepper, Head of Secretariat Management Secretariat


Contact SUND Hub to connect with Holbæk Hospital











CO:PLAY is a business-oriented law firm and we are passionate about innovation and technology. We are convinced that lawyers and legal services must always be in CO:PLAY with the business and its surroundings. Legal services must be provided in a pragmatic and accessible way to large, established companies as well as to small, fast-growing start-ups.

CO:PLAY will simplify the handling of legal issues both through the delivery of packaged solutions and through the use of the latest technology. In this way, we can and will work more closely with our clients than traditional lawyers usually do - a bit like an in-house legal function that forms part of the day-to-day operations.

CO:PLAY's vision at all times is to be in tune with clients' needs for business-oriented legal advice - a need that is constantly changing.

  • The success of our customers must always be our focus and the starting point for our daily work: quality must be judged from the customers' perspective.
  • We must help each other and let everyone focus on what she / he is best at and we must refrain from doing things that others can do better.
  • We must be transparent in our business so that adversity as well as progress can be shared by all.
  • We must drive change, embrace technology and use it to our and our customers' advantage by delivering our services as efficiently as possible. – CO:PLAY templates



Nick Ilsø

• Data protection (GDPR)
• Company law
• IT law
+45 61 78 21 66




Ivanna Rosendal

Digital product development and collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry


Finding product market fit in the complex ecosystem in the pharmaceutical industry can be a challenge. The ecosystem is characterized by different types of players and regulations. Often, the end user of the product is not the customer. And because it is a complex market, there are many opportunities for new business models and digital solutions.

Having experience from a wide range of roles in the industry, I can help you locate the right product and model to make a difference in within the industry.

Ivanna can among others help you with:

  • General understanding of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Product market fit
  • Finding the right partners in the ecosystem
  • Business Models
  • Compliance within digitization



Ivanna Rosendal

Mobil: +45 42 47 52 08


Niels Christian Ganderup

Business Development, Life Sciences


As Senior Investment Manager in Copenhagen Capacity, Niels Christian (NC) works with attracting foreign investments to Medicon Valley that covers Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden. NC has his primary focus in Denmark.

Foreign investments cover (1) Attracting and retaining foreign companies and (2) attracting foreign investments in danish companies including startups. This means that NC has a large overview of which startup are operating within healthtech, health data, pharma, biotech and MedTech.

NC is a trained biologist (toxicology) from SDU and have an MBA (Branding & Organization) from STU and ASB and he has ten years’ experience working with sale to research and development departments within pharma and MedTech industries and five years’ experience selling to GP’s, hospitals, insurance companies – the healthcare sector in a broad sense – around the world. Throughout his 17 years in the life sciences industry, NC has built a large network which he generously shares to match the best possible partners.

His focus throughout his career has always been the commercial aspects of the life science industry and keywords when interacting with NC is: Sale, commercialization, business models, go-to-market strategies, cashflows in the healthcare sector and sales via distributors. These are the primary areas that NC can help you with, when you book a meeting with him.

NC can help you with:

  • Insights into the healthcare sector works – in Denmark and internationally
  • General knowledge of research and development within drug development
  • Locate relevant stakeholders for your startup.
  • Sparring on business development with focus on commercialization and sale


Niels Christian Ganderup, Senior Investment Manager, Copenhagen Capacity

Mobil: +45 60 70 86 46 


Nordic Health Lab

Screening, qualifying and framing user tests in the healthcare sector


Nordic Health Lab help startups with prototypes screen and qualify their solutions. We assess, if they have relevance and maturity to start a user test in one or mor of our national test arenas (Hospitals and municipalities with whom we collaborate). Our test arenas have the relevant professional health environment to co-create, iterate, and document your solution.

Nordic Health Lab can help you with:

  • Screening, qualifying and framing user tests with objective: To further develop and commercially scaling within the healthcare sector
  • Matchmaking between startups and test arenas


 Jesper Juel-Helwig, Direktør, Nordic Health Lab

Mobil: 50897810



Christian Wittenkamp Hansen

Selling to municipalities


Engaging with municipalities can be unmanageable and difficult to decipher and there are many potential ways of starting a dialogue. Which part of the administration should you contact? Do you need to sell to politicians, administration, or individual professionals in the operational departments? Should you start with a small test or target a public procurement? And what about level of service, legislation, and public procurement laws?

Christian Wittenkamp Hansen, Cand.merc. HRM from CBS has responsibility of content and sales on the digital platform Helpii. Christian has 15 years’ experience from the health- and elder care departments where he has led a vast number of projects within welfare technology. He has a broad experience with leading large projects, facilitate user-driven innovation, locating user needs, process optimization and implementation of welfare technologies in municipalities.

Christian can help you with

  • How to sell to municipalities
  • What to prepare before approaching a municipality?
  • Test and development in collaboration with municipalities

Implementation of solutions at municipalities


Christian Wittenkamp Hansen, Founder,

Mobil: +45 25118208

Assistive and welfare technology and services for the care sector


Danish.Care is the Danish industry organization for assistive technology, welfare technology and services within the assistive technology and care area.

The association's members are manufacturers and distributors of assistive devices, welfare technologies and services within the assistive technology and care area, as well as companies with similar products and services.

The startup community CareTech CHALLENGE from Danish.Care is building an innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurship and healthcare innovation across Denmark with a focus on the development of new and better technology-based solutions.

With the CareTech CHALLENGE program, you as a startup company have the opportunity to participate in an exciting competition with a number of targeted activities that help your company move forward.

CareTech CHALLENGE is built around the collaboration with a large number of partners, including the fair Health & Rehab, The Camp, Amazing Hall, Keystones, DTU Skylab, IDA Crowdfunding and the Danish Handicap Association.

Danish.Care runs CareNet - National network for welfare technology together with the Danish Technological Institute. CareNet is an active knowledge network that puts the development, application and dissemination of welfare technology for care and nursing on the agenda. The purpose of the network is to create interaction, synergy and innovation between buyers and actors in the field.

About Anders Lyck Fogh-Schultz

Anders has worked with health innovation, entrepreneurship, business development and communication for the past 20 years, and has extensive domain knowledge in the field of health and welfare.

He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and startups enter the Danish market for assistive technology and welfare technology and has great insight into internationalization and export activities.

As a network manager in CareNet, Anders also has a large contact surface across the industry's companies, as well as to municipalities, regions, clusters, networks and more.

Danish.Care helps i.a. with:

  • Domain knowledge in assistive technology and welfare technology
  • Matchmaking and relationship building between actors across the buyer and the producer / supplier field
  • Visibility through trade fairs, conferences, theme days and export activities
  • Network, nationally and internationally


Anders Lyck Fogh-Schultz, Chefkonsulent og Netværksleder
+45 2299 3244


The Danish Committee for Health Education

Offers advice on campaigns and concepts within prevention, health promotion, and public health.


Helps with advice on campaigns, concepts, and in-service training of health professionals within prevention, health promotion, and public health – both nationally and internationally.  

Their more than 50 employees work within a broad field – for example, dementia, kidney diseases, alcohol treatment, breast-feeding, anxiety and depression, mentalization, and everyday life as a relative.  

The Danish Committee for Health Education has experience with a broad range of channels, cooperates with municipalities and others – and forms of intervention such as nudging, online-efforts, campaigns, and peer-to-peer empowerment. 

The Danish Committee for Health Education can help with: 

  • Sparring and advice on campaigns and concepts within prevention, health promotion, and public health. 
  • Localize relevant stakeholders within public health – both nationally and internationally. 

About The Danish Committee for Health Education: 

The Danish Committee for Health Education is a non-profit organization whose members are comprised of a large number of associations and organizations within the health sector, and their work is always evidens-based. Read more at 


Lars Müntner, Director of International Projects Unit 

Cell phone: +45 61 26 26 21