Innovation Challenges

Challenge 2022: Shaping the Future Together
Innovation Program

KU Lighthouse, SUND Hub & Actory are hosting an innovation program for students who are curious about innovation and sustainability. It is for students who want to get their hands dirty with real-life problems, who want to learn new methods for idea generation and development of new solutions.

The program focuses on teamwork and methods for problem understanding, collaboration with stakeholders and the early phase of idea development. The program is designed around specific challenges in close collaboration with problem-holders.

The innovation program is open for all students at the entire University of Copenhagen and other educational institutions, as we want to put together students in interdisciplinary teams to provide as many perspectives as possible to the real life challenges.

We take the participants through themes such as forming the right team, identifying the need for new solutions, user involvement, prototype development and pitch training. The goal is that students generate ideas for how to handle the challenges. At the end of the program, each team will have a well-defined idea to hand over to the case provider and/or continue developing on their own.

More information about the challenges and case providers will be released later.

Sustainability & Health

25/10 – 29/11

The innovation program is about ‘Sustainability & Health’. It is about you. It’s about me. It’s about all of us. It is about the way we live our life today – and how we can ensure the good life in a future where we face great challenges of the climate crisis.

It is about making a difference and creating a better (and healthier) life for all of us. We dive into three sub-cases, which put a spotlight on different target groups and perspectives.

  • Plant-based as the new normal: How might we create stronger incentives for producers or consumers to increase plant-based food in the daily nutrition?
  • Mental health & climate anxiety: How might we change climate anxiety to climate action to improve the life of specific target groups who are affected by the mental consequences of climate change?
  • Health issues & climate change: How might we create interventions for better lifestyle, decease monitoring or prevention for some of the target groups with high risk of illness due to climate changes?
Practical information

Ideas and solutions

You will select one of these challenges and be set in a team. Together you will dive into a specific part of the challenge and propose an intervention for a specific target group who face the challenge. An Intervention broadly includes any kind of product, procedure, service, policy, program, a business proposal or an intervention that can create change. It can be any action that impacts on a social, economic or societal outcome. We ask you to focus on innovative thinking by both looking into new ways of dealing with your challenge (new ideas) and how it can be implemented and realized in the real world (feasibility).


We believe that the most creative and diverse ideas rise from strong teamwork where different opinions, profiles, and competencies come into play. You will work in interdisciplinary teams, which will broaden your network and provide insights when you work across nationalities, academic backgrounds, and experiences. We set you up in teams of up to 3-5 persons the first day of the program.

Everyone is welcome. You do not need any special prerequisites – come as you are – and we will help you find your place at the program.

What is in it for you?

By participating in an innovation program, you learn about interdisciplinarity, collaboration, innovation, sustainability, partnerships, project management, etc.

  • You are expanding your network among both students and companies
  • You use your subject knowledge in practice
  • You get the opportunity to deal with health & sustainability issues from your everyday life
  • You become a part of a unique community of students with similar interests
  • You get a certificate of participation after the program

This innovation programme is in English

How to apply

  • You can apply alone or with a team (all individual team members must fill out an application).
  • Students from all areas of study can participate. 
  • English speaking students can participate. The program is partly in Danish and partly in English. International teams will get extra support from SUND Hub to overcome any language barriers. At least one case will be international. 


  • October 9th 2022 at 23.59