CPHLabs – easy access to lab space

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In collaboration between Symbion, Rebbls and KU, funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, shared lab benches are now available for students attending programs at UCPH Innovation Hubs. The initiative has been initiated to meet the growing demand from students working with their own ideas while studying.

Located at Symbion at Fruebjergvej, CPHLabs has been placed in the heart of the biotech start-up ecosystem of Copenhagen hosting more than XXX start-up’s in more than YYY laboratories. And access to CPHLabs does not just include the shared lab space, but also access to networks, events, shared discounts and more. 

Lab experience – a crucial part of the journey

Most start-ups start their journey with extensive “customer discovery”: Really understanding the problems and needs of the patients, users, or customers they target. Biotech innovations are often technology driven and getting the first lab experience is key to create a credible milestone plan for early Proof-of-Concept in order to raise capital. At CPHLabs, you will be sharing the laboratory with likeminded biotech start-ups.

Spaces available now! Here is how to access

CPHLabs has been created for you working ideas within drug development, biomarkers/diagnostics, Digital Health, Industrial biotech food- and agricultural biotech – and with a need for a lab for conducting your first experiments.

If you are considering working within Life Sciences, access to CPHLabs would be an addition to the Incubator program for Health Innovators with application deadline February 14th, 2022. Read more and apply here.

Like the new Innovation Center, CPHLabs is yet another initiative launched to fertilize collaborations across University of Copenhagen and two lab benches are reserved for students from University of Copenhagen. To apply for access, you must be part of one of the four UCPH Innovation hubs at the Innovation Center. For questions, please contact Anna V. Jacobsen or Peter Løvschall.

How to get access to CPHLabs

In order to get access to CPHLabs, you must:

  1. Apply for membership in one of the UCPH Innovation hubs:
    1. SUND Hub
    2. SCIENCE Innovation Hub
    3. Human & Legal Innovation Hub
  2. Apply for membership at CPHLabs
  3. Have a mandatory insurance for your team.

University of Copenhagen currently have two lab benches available at CPHLabs. We expect the benches to be available 3-6 months with possibility of applying for extension of the period.

Facts about CPHLabs

CPHLabs is an independent space anchored and physically located at Symbion with no bureaucracy and no claims of IP or ownership from the entrepreneurs. The initiative is supported by three important players within Life Science innovation in Denmark: 

  • Symbion is one of the most experienced communities for startups in Denmark with more than 650 startups located at 7 different locations.
  • REBBLS is Copenhagen’s leading network of young life science entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • University of Copenhagen is the highest-ranking university in Denmark and voted 7th best university in Europe and with a newly established Innovation Centre.

Industriens Fond is a committed philanthropic fund who funds application-oriented knowledge and activity that has a positive effect on Denmark's competitiveness. Industriens Fond funds CPHLabs with DKK 6M over a 3-year period with the aim to expand the life science and biotech ecosystem in Denmark.