How to pitch and present your health startup

- Hosted by SUND Hub 

How to tell the story of what your innovation project or startup does? In this workshop we work with your vision, evidence and storytelling elements to show that you create value for the health care sector and build relations to the relevant network. When developing new solution for the health care sector, your story is important! 

In this session, you will get an insight into the power of storytelling combined with a practical introduction to presentation techniques for startups and innovators. Human decision-making is a cognitive process highly influenced by emotions and your ability to present facts and connect on a personal level is a powerful skill when running a startup.

The session will include interactive workshops and a practical guide to how to deliver a short and clear presentation of your idea or startup in order to stimulate interest in the end: provoke your desired action among your audience.


  • 14.00: Introduction
  • 14.05: Who’s in the room
  • 14.30: #3: Pitch your story – Peter Løvschall, business developer.
  • 15.15: Prepare a pitch
  • 16.40: Pitch sessions with feedback
  • 17.00: Wrap up

Who can join? 
Students and student startups from Challenge Track and SUND Hub have priority. Others can register if spots are available. 

How to register? 
Sign up with this link 

Two days before the event.

This event is hosted in collaboration with UCPH Innovation Hubs: SUND Hub, SCIENCE Innovation Hub and Human & Legal Innovation Hub. We support student entrepreneurs. Read more at