Startup in practice, Workshop 1: Entrepreneurial mindsets and processes


  • The process from idea to realization  
  • Project management 
  • Entrepreneurial competencies and mindsets  
  • Business model canvas (understand the startup) 

Workshop program for startup interns

The workshop is part of a program for startup interns with five workshops.

We will introduce you to methods and approaches to working with entrepreneurship in practice. The program is a combination of workshops, individual coaching and events.

We hope that the workshops will give you a better understanding of how startups work and how to engage in developing new solutions. Furthermore, we hope to give you new insight on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Copenhagen to help you navigate in the entrepreneurial context. 

For students doing an internship with ECTS

The program is aimed at students working on developing their own startup and at students doing projects/internships for another startup. 

Students from the university of Copenhagen who recieve ECTS have registering priority. 

You will meet fellow students working on different internships and project. You come from different areas of study and we hope that you can share your experiences and inspire each other with your different skills and academic background while working on your projects.